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Bed and Breakfast Pompei

B&B services

  • Weekly change of bed linen
  • Change of towels three times a week
  • Using Refrigerator
  • Hair dryer and air conditioning
  • TV and Internet
  • Heaters (winter)
  • Private parking
  • Transfer Service (Extra)
    Naples Airport ­ Pompeii and Terminal F.S.

Contact Bed and Breakfast Pompeii

Address B&B Pompeii:

Via Giuseppe Fucci 11 80045 Pompeii

People in charge:

Luca Altrui,
Mario Altrui,
Giuseppina Auriemma

Phone number:

contact Bed and Breakfast Pompeii
+39 0818639011

Cell number:

contact Bed and Breakfast Pompeii
+39 3478050017
+39 3737342295


contact B&B Pompeii


contact BB Pompeii


contact bed and breakfast Pompeii

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