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Bed and Breakfast Pompei

B&B services

  • Weekly change of bed linen
  • Change of towels three times a week
  • Using Refrigerator
  • Laundry
  • Hair dryer and air conditioning
  • TV and Internet
  • Heaters (winter)
  • Private parking
  • Transfer Service (Extra)
    Naples Airport ­ Pompeii and Terminal F.S.

Reservation request

Aims of the processing of data.
The User acknowledges and accepts that the email address provided at the time of the registration will be used and registered in care of Bed and Breakfast Le Pleiadi in a proper data base protected in accordance with AND IN RESPECT OF THE LEGISLATION REFERRED TO Law no. 675/1996.
Bed and Breakfast Le Pleiadi undertakes to keep this information as confidential and not use and/or reveal it to third parties no title, without prejudice to the hypothesis of express request and/or order of performance of the competent judicial and administrative.
Notwithstanding the above, and after consent to processing of data, Bed and Breakfast Le Pleiadi has the possibility to send the data to third parties delegated and/or agents to carry out activities related to the supply of the service for which we are to register and disseminate them within the scope of aims which is fixed in advance the Service,after signing of the subject of a commitment to the confidentiality of personal data so received.


Information and consent: law 675/96
to the senses and for the effects of art. 10 of the Law n. 675/1996 The User declares to be informed in a full and comprehensive approximately:
a) The aim and the procedures of the treatments of personal data freely COMMUNICATED TO THE ACT OF REGISTRATION;
b) The registration of such data on protected electronic and treaties in the utmost secrecy from Bed and Breakfast Le Pleiadi for its own institutional purposes and in any case related to or instrumental to its activities;
c) The compulsory or optional nature of data and the consequences in the event of refusal to reply;
d) The scope of dissemination and the categories of subjects to which can be communicated such data, only after written consent;
e) the ownership of the treatments;
f) The rights referred to in art. 13 of the Law n. 675/1996 with particular regard to the possibility of access, integration, modification, cancellation of data provided or opposition in whole or in part to use for the purposes specified therein, also had particular regard to the purposes of information as provided for in the next 7.2, forwarding specific formal request to Bed and Breakfast Le Pleiadi.
The user, by the signature of this policy, issue his consent to treat your personal data for all purposes imposed by legislation or regulations or provvedimentali and necessary, and/or relevant to the implementation of the provision in the conditions and terms of service and for all the activities associated with it.
The user releases also its consent to the data are treated for the purposes of commercial information or for the sending of advertising messages or of interactive commercial communication by of Bed and Breakfast Le Pleiadi

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